Japanese inspired living

The main idea of the project was to create a multifunctional space influenced by the Japanese style of living combined with London objectives. Japanese philosophy applied to interior design builds upon balance, love for natural beauty and order, which is not necessarily a synonym to minimalism. While hiding the "practical" counterpart of everyday life, the concept highlights the aestetics of it. A wooden wall is in fact an entrance to the bathroom and the wardrobe. White stairs feature some storage space and dining area units contain a self-contained kitchenette. Multifunctional connections between modern needs and the Japanease philosophy of living is an idea behind the concept. 
To make the living room look optically bigger and brighter was used light greyish/concrete colours on the floor and walls.
Geometrical patterns helped to archieve a more vibrant and easy feeling in the mezzanine and a round mirror extended the size of the room.